Spring Open House

Are you ready for a day in the forest with your family where you will make life-long memories that will shape how your children see the world?  Come to our Spring Open House on Saturday May 25th from 8 am to 9 pm at Alder Creek Community Forest.  We will have activities for all ages and abilities.  Our theme is “Telling the Story of Your Place.”  You will learn different ways to explore our forest that you can then use to explore your own place.  The activities are designed to be fun, educational, and safe for all people.

The Schedule

Our activity schedule will go as follows:

8:00 am Gates are opened.

9:00 amFamily Birding. 

You will be guided on an adventure where you will learn the tools, resources and methods to find and identify birds.  Children LOVE to go birding once they do it for the first time.  It is a great activity that requires as little time as you have as well as with limited tools.  You won’t regret attending this activity.

11:00 am Native Plant Dye. 

Have you ever wanted to use plants out in the forest to dye your fabric?  I never did until I heard about this class.  Georgia Reid will take participants on a tour of the forest scavenging for plants.  The tour will end in the pavilion where Georgia will show participants how to use those plants to dye material such as scarves.  Crazy awesome!

1:00 pmHike with a naturalist. 

Have you ever wondered what that plant is or if you can eat it?  Or maybe you saw something strange and had no idea what caused it?  Naturalist Isaac Ashby will guide you on a hike through the forest to teach you ways to identify and learn about the natural world.  He is not just going to tell you what everything is, but will also teach you the skills and introduce you to the tools he uses to learn about things even he doesn’t know.  Score!  You will come away with the skills to know what to do when you encounter something strange or unknown.

4:00 pm – Campfire cooking 101.

Most campers cook hotdogs or eat cold cereal and poptarts as major meals when camping.  This class will open your eyes to the world of campfire cooking.  You will learn how to prepare a proper tinfoil dinner, boil eggs in a bag, cook muffins in an orange peel, and a few other tasty campfire treats.  Please note that we are not going to feed your entire family, but provide taste testing opportunities.  If you would like to cook your own dinner bring your supplies along and we will provide the flame!

7:00 pm Campfire program. 

To end the day we will be having a classic campfire program complete with songs, games, scary (ish) stories, and even smores.  It will be a rocking good time that you don’t want to miss!

9:00 pmGates close and everybody sadly goes home:(


Self-guided Activities for the Day

If these weren’t enough activities, here are some self-guided things you can come and do with your family at anytime between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm!

Geocaching – Hidden around the forest are 6 hidden canisters with assorted things inside of them for you to explore.  Each cache will be cleverly hidden.  You will be given a set of coordinates and off you go!

Scavenger hunt – This is no ordinary scavenger hunt.  Instead of everyday things, you will be given a set of descriptions and you must find something that fits that thing.  If the description says “something defending it’s self”, you could write down a blackberry bush that is defending it’s self with thorns.  You get the picture.

Longest Hike Challenge – Participants will track their distance using their smart phones.  The family or person that takes the longest hike will win a sweet prize!

The Four Corner Challenge – Participants will hike to all four corners of ACCF indicated on the map and will take a selfie at that corner.  Families or persons that complete the challenge will win a prize!