Finding Your Way

Here are four easy guidelines to help you find your way when hiking our ACCF trails.

1. At every trail intersection you’ll see a post with arrow signs denoting trails. Our major trails have names, such as Big Stump Trail. Smaller connector trails don’t have names: their signs tell you how to get to a nearby named trail, such as To Eastside Trail. All named trails are labeled on the map, so make sure to bring it with you!
2. Many posts also have map signs. If you’d like to estimate distance, use the scale bar at the bottom left of the map sign. You can stretch a piece of string along your route, then straighten it out on the scale bar to measure distance. The scale bar uses feet as its unit; for longer units, 1 mile = 5280 feet and 1 kilometer ≈ 3281 feet.
3. All maps have a north arrow. The map signs are aligned so you can easily read them, but they do not point north. To find a bearing, use a handheld compass: magnetic north points 15° 42’ E here, as shown by the red arrow. Once your compass is aligned, you can translate from the map sign bearing to the real-world bearing.
4. Another handy feature of our maps are contour lines. The maps have minor contour lines every 10 feet of elevation, and major (bold) contour lines every 100 feet. Contour lines on steep slopes are spaced close together, and further apart on gentle slopes. Estimate a climb by counting how many contour lines you cross!