Visitor Days

Monthly Open Hours

The majority of our educational focus is geography education for school-aged children and their teachers.  However, we have this amazing forest with a network of trails and educational resources that we want to share with the community and is PERFECT for family edutainment (learning that is also entertaining)!

In the past we have had open hours where visitors could come to Alder Creek Community Forest to hike, have a picnic, or just get out in nature.  We however are currently lacking in staff to fully bring back that option.  Plus, we want to provide not only a place to recreate, but also to learn.  So starting this summer, we will be having visitor days where the public can come to enjoy the outdoors AND learn!  Unfortunately due to the lack of staffing these days and hours are limited until we can hire a full-time staff member which will hopefully be in the late summer.

Until then, come out on these dates and have some fun while learning amazing skills and knowledge!

  • June 15th (10 am to 2 pm)
  • July 20th (10 am to 2 pm)
  • August 24th (10 am to 2 pm)

Self-guided activities for the whole families

Geocaching – Hidden around the forest are 6 hidden canisters with assorted things inside of them for you to explore.  Each cache will be cleverly hidden.  You will be given a set of coordinates and off you go!

Scavenger hunt – This is no ordinary scavenger hunt.  Instead of everyday things, you will be given a set of descriptions and you must find something that fits that thing.  If the description says “something defending it’s self”, you could write down a blackberry bush that is defending it’s self with thorns.  You get the picture.

Longest Hike Challenge – Participants will track their distance using their smart phones.  The family or person that takes the longest hike will win a sweet prize!

The Four Corner Challenge – Participants will hike to all four corners of ACCF indicated on the map and will take a selfie at that corner.  Families or persons that complete the challenge will win a prize!