Telling The Story Of Your Place

Our exciting new program, Telling the Story of Your Place,  will get YOUR class outside and learning multiple subjects in a hands-on way. And it is completely FREE! You just provide busing to the site.

Plus it gives YOU the teacher training you need to continue that hands-on learning with your own classes.

To schedule your first meeting, please contact Isaac Ashby at


The Schedule

1. Classroom visit

We will visit your classroom and introduce the program and the art of storytelling by telling an edge of your seat type story that will engage the students and get them excited about telling a story

2. Field Trip

Your class will visit Alder Creek Community Forest (ACCF) and go on an adventure exploring the forest, setting up trail cameras, and collecting scientific data

3. Class project

Your class will write a story about Alder Creek Community Forest based on the information and data you gathered on your field trip


4. Teacher Training

We will hold several workshops for teachers to develop skills, find resources and earn PDUs, to help get kids learning outside

5. Class writes their own story

The kids will choose a place to write a story about, collect information (just like they did on the Alder Creek Community Forest trip), and write the story of their own place

6. Share your story

Classes will have a chance to share their stories with the community, and with other schools throughout Douglas County.


Telling the Story of Your Place is part of our Our Place on Earth Curriculum supported by the Gray Family Foundation and other community partners.