Resources & Research

Part of the Alder Creek Community Forest mission is to

address challenges in sustaining forests, watersheds, and communities.

The forests, watersheds, and communities of southern Oregon are special, and face a host of opportunities as well as challenges and conflicts. We intend to address key educational needs of the region in this context, as a resource for lifelong learning.

stream measurements

Stream measurements

green up green down

Green up, green down protocol


Explore Our Research

To meet this mission, we not only education students and teachers here at the Alder Creek Community Forest, we share our research here on our website and with other research organizations.

Take a walk through the forest with us.

Virtual Tour

Walk through a virtual tour of ACCF exploring Alder creek, the forests, and meadows.  360° panoramas take you on a treasure hunt of unique spots around the forest and teach you a little about the area.

Interpretive Trail Signs

Explore the points of interest and puzzles found on our interpretive trail signs throughout the forest.

Map Resources

Map resources for Alder Creek Community Forest, Alder-Jordan Watershed, Douglas County, and the world!

What’s the Weather?

Check out the current weather at Alder Creek Community Forest from our very own weather station!  Awarded a gold star for reliability from Weather Underground.

Data Protocols

We model professional research for our students by using consistent data protocols.  Includes GLOBE, Landsat plots, and other protocols.


Our observations are available for use by scientists around the world through the iNaturalist citizen science project.  We have specific projects for ACCF wildlife and fungi.

Oregon EdNet Group

Alder Creek Community Forest resources shared with the Oregon Education Network.  STEAM institute handouts, Landsat activities, protocols, and more.

Our Place on Earth Presentation (March 2017)

Our Place on Earth is ACCF’s geography curriculum.  This slideshow about the curriculum was presented at Center for Geography Education in Oregon GeoFest in March 2017.