Map Resources

PlaceEarthGraphic4a-640wMaps are a great way to learn about, and communicate, patterns and processes—whether it’s the 78 acre ACCF site, the 2500 acre Alder-Jordan watershed, Douglas County, the Pacific Northwest, or our planet Earth! Here are some resources you can use for mapping in conjunction with ACCF education projects:

  • ACCF maps. The Hikes & Trail Maps page has downloadable topographic maps of the ACCF site, including all trails and selected hike routes (a map of Landsat plots on the ACCF site is here). Make sure to use the Finding Your Way page to help read the maps (and not get lost on the site!). A map of all interpretive trail signs is here. If you’d like a gridded map with latitude/longitude graticules, see here. And don’t forget the Virtual Tour, with an interactive ecology game! You may download a version of our ACCF map with tour locations here.
  • Alder-Jordan watershed maps. ACCF is located in the Alder-Jordan watershed. To get a sense of how this watershed has changed over time, see these maps derived from aerial photography dated 1939 and 2005 (higher-resolution versions available upon request). Another great source of maps and data for the watershed is an assessment done by the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua in 2006; see here for an overview and the report.
  • Maps of Douglas County and Oregon. There are lots of map and GIS data resources for Douglas County and Oregon: the Douglas County Assessors Office offers some publicly available data, for instance, and Oregon Explorer is a great online source for maps and data. And don’t forget the Center for Geography Education in Oregon, with lots of resources including giant floor maps!
  • Maps at any scale: Google Earth. Google Earth is a great, free mapping computer application; here is an overview of Google Maps for Education resources, including online Google Maps, Google Earth, and device apps. ACCF has tested a Google Earth network link providing basic map layers, and hopes to reinstitute this service soon.