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Alder Creek Community Forest participants monitor wildlife, fungi, and other life via iNaturalist, a widely used citizen science species identification platform (including iOS and Android mobile device apps!). This page summarizes the iNaturalist procedure for users on the ACCF site; to see recent sightings view the iNaturalist Observations page.

Wildlife observations are made via our ACCF wildlife trail cameras, or via photos taken on mobile devices, and added to one of two iNaturalist projects:

Fungi observations are made via the iNaturalist mobile device app (see procedure below) and added to the ACCF Site Fungi project.

To add an ACCF observation to iNaturalist, you must first register for iNaturalist. If you are using a computer, go to the ACCF Site or Saddle Wildlife or ACCF Fungi projects (click Search Projects and type in ACCF) and click the red Add Observations button. Then enter the observation on your computer, following the simple instructions found at upper right. (You’ll do this for each and every separate sighting.)

For wildlife, our trailcams are configured to automatically enter date/time and geolocation on each image, which makes adding an observation really easy. Make sure, though, that you have this basic information, required to enter an observation:

  • Do you have one good still trailcam image of the wildlife? (You may enter more than one if you have them.)
  • Do you have a good idea what the species is? (If you see more than one species in the image, enter two observations, one for each species.) As noted below, your identification will be confirmed by others before it shows up.
  • Prepare a brief, 1-2 sentence description of what the wildlife are doing in the image (grazing, walking, etc.).

For wildlife or fungi, f you are using your mobile device (i.e., if you just shot a photo at ACCF using your device), launch the app, then follow these instructions here (for iOS app wildlife sightings; the Android app and fungi sightings are similar), making sure you have enabled location for the app to automatically capture it.

Whenever you submit an observation to iNaturalist, other experts on the site check your observation to confirm that your species identification is correct. When sufficient experts have signed off on your observation, it will show up along with others!

If you would like to check your wildlife observations against predicted species, a great resource is Oregon Explorer’s Wildlife Viewer. To view predicted species in the vicinity of the ACCF site, click Lists by Place tab and select this 6th field watershed: O’Shea Creek (171003020508).