Hikes and Trail Maps

Alder Creek Community Forest has over 3.5 miles of signed trails. Click to download the map of all trails at right, or click to expand information below and download maps for our four recommended hikes! All hikes start and end at the Trail Info kiosk. 

Our trails cover the full 78 acre ACCF site, from roughly 850 to 1250 feet in elevation. Some are gentle, while others are quite steep. Make sure to read the General Trails Info and Finding Your Way pages before you start!

A. Eastside Route (0.6 miles—Gentle Difficulty)

A. Eastside Route 

Distance: 0.6 mi
Difficulty: Gentle. A quick hike on relatively level terrain through our eastside forest and regrowth area.
Route: Cedar Grove > connector > Eastside > Harvest > connector > Cedar Grove

B. Saddle Route (0.6 miles—Some Climbing)

B. Saddle Route 

Distance: 0.6 mi
Difficulty: Some climbing. A nice loop up to Front Ridge, then back down via the saddle.
Route: Cedar Grove > Front Ridge > connector > Eastside > connector > Cedar Grove

C. SW to NE Route (1.6 miles—Moderate Difficulty)

C. SW to NE Route 

Distance: 1.6 mi
Difficulty: Moderate. Front and Back Ridge both covered, with a wide range of sun- to shade-tolerant vegetation.
Route: Cedar Grove > Front Ridge > Big Stump > Back Ridge > Eastside > connector > Cedar Grove

D. Perimeter Route (2.7 miles—Strenuous)

D. Perimeter Route 

Distance: 2.7 mi
Difficulty: Strenuous, with lots of climbing.  The entire ACCF site is covered in this long loop, revealing the full range of site topography and biota.
Route: Cedar Grove > connector > Harvest > Eastside > Back Ridge > Fern Draw > connector > Big Stump > Northwest Slope > Big Stump > Front Ridge > Cedar Grove