Directions & Hours

Is ACCF open to visitors?

The short answer as of early 2019: Not yet for general visitors, but soon! (The site remains open to reserved school groups and organizations; see below for directions.)

The longer answer may be of interest to you as well. The ACCF site closed to general visitors in early 2018, and outside of a brief period in spring 2018 has been closed since; here’s why.

  • In early 2018, ACCF went through a caretaker transition. During this period we did not have someone on site to monitor visitors, so the site was closed.
  • A new caretaker arrived in spring 2018, and when the site was ready we opened it up to visitors.
  • But in late spring and summer we launched a salvage harvest operation due to a large number of drought-induced dead trees, and had to close the site again for safety and access reasons.
  • The site remained closed to general visitors through fall 2018 as we worked to clean up the area from the large salvage harvest. This also redirected our limited staff time from trails maintenance to salvage cleanup. As a result, our 3.5 mile long trails network has not recently been safe and accessible; we cannot open up the site until it is.

At present, we are hoping to prepare the site for regular (possibly monthly) educational visitor events starting late spring 2019. These events will likely take place on Saturdays, and we invite your whole family to participate. If you would like to volunteer and help us get the site and trails system ready for these upcoming events, please email ACCF. We will provide further information closer to the opening date.


To get to the ACCF site from I-5 heading south, take exit 98 (Canyonville), then turn right at the stop sign and proceed along the Canyonville-Riddle Road (County Hwy 21) to just past the 1 mile post. Turn right a few hundred feet after the milepost; you’ll see our blue and white reader board at the entrance.

Our physical address is 829 Canyonville-Riddle Road, Riddle OR 97469; a map of the area is below, and our Google Places listing is here. And here are a recent and historical map and photo of the Alder-Jordan watershed in which ACCF is located!

ACCF map for website

Alder Creek Community Forest is a little over a mile down Canyonville – Riddle Rd West of I5 freeway exit 198