ACCF Streamflow Data

Below are streamflow data collected and prepared by students working with ACCF. These data are from Alder Creek and Jordan Creek, the main streams in the Alder-Jordan watershed, both located on the ACCF site. Data also include comparison sites, currently Comer Brook in Canyonville. As these are relatively small streams, discharge rates below are all in gallons per minute (GPM); for conversion to other units, see here. For comparison of the charts below, click a desired common timeframe for each. For further details on streamflow measurements and access to data, please contact ACCF.

Alder Creek (GPM)

Alder Creek is located in the south portion of the ACCF site, near the main entrance.

Jordan Creek (GPM)

Jordan Creek is located at the northwest corner of the ACCF site.

Comer Brook (GPM)

Comer Brook runs through Canyonville School, approximately one mile east of the ACCF site.