General Trails Info

Please, on any hike, follow posted rules; you’ll see them on the Proctor Memorial Forest Guidelines sign to the right. The ACCF site is private property, and we expect our guests to treat the forest and each other with respect. In general, be safe and leave the forest in good shape so others can enjoy it too.
Please do take a map with you. We don’t want you to get lost! Maps are also posted at major trail intersections, with a yellow dot showing your current location, or see here. After your hike, you may keep your map or simply return it to the map holder for others to use. Make sure to check out our four recommended hike routes as well!
The ACCF site has poison oak, which can cause a severe skin irritation if you are allergic; see the picture at left to identify. (“Leaflets three, let it be.”) Make sure to wear close-toed shoes to hike, and if you suspect you contacted poison oak wash the area off with rubbing alcohol or soap & water immediately upon your return.
We have tried to make the ACCF site as safe as can be, but accidents happen. Just in case, take a cell phone with you on your hike (coverage is generally good), and in an emergency dial 911; our address is 829 Canyonville-Riddle Road. Also, call the ACCF caretaker at 541- 839-4379 to let us know of the emergency.