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Educators training on ACCF site

Thanks to Gray Family Foundation support, ACCF continues to provide K-12 education and teacher professional development in 2017-18, facilitated by our school coordinator, Jessica Pires, and with curricular oversight by Prof. Jim Proctor of Lewis & Clark College. ACCF’s Our Place on Earth curriculum—which can readily be adapted to your class needs—emphasizes:

  1. Outdoor/environmental education, including the K-12, NGSS-correlated GLOBE field earth system science curriculum and related human dimensions. Here is a list of the field data protocols we have adopted or developed for the ACCF site.
  2. Spatial data technologies, including the Oregon Explorer natural resources digital library, field iPad spatial data collection, and geographic information systems, with connection to larger technologies such as Landsat.
  3. Geographical concepts designed to synthesize classroom, field, and digital activities, and to situate Douglas County in a larger regional and global context.

All participating educators may download resources and exchange information via ACCF’s Oregon Educator Network group. Join today! We also will do occasional communications to participating instructors via our teacher professional development GoogleGroup…feel free to join.

Teachers frequently inquire as to whether use of the ACCF site has a cost. Effective 2017-18, all registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations may use the site without cost. School and other organizations that can afford to pay are charged $1 per student/user per visit; fees go directly toward site maintenance and overhead. Schools that cannot afford to pay are still encouraged to use the ACCF site, and to arrange with our school coordinator one or more service learning activities to contribute to ACCF. The South Umpqua School District has generously contributed thousands of dollars toward school coordinator staff salaries and provides additional in-kind assistance, so SUSD classes may participate as much as they want without charge; service learning opportunities are still, however, encouraged. If your school or district has questions about use of the ACCF site, please contact ACCF.

ACCF also offers partnerships providing teacher resources and training to enhance its Our Place on Earth curriculum, including:

Related opportunities and updates will be posted on our GoogleGroup and Facebook page, or contact us if questions.